Ansel Elgort attends Paramount Pictures’ “Men, Women & Children” premiere at Directors Guild Of America in Los Angeles, California (September 30, 2014)

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Ansel Elgort attends Paramount Pictures’ “Men, Women & Children” premiere at Directors Guild Of America in Los Angeles, California (September 30, 2014)

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do you have the link for your theme? it looks great :)

you can find the credit of the theme maker in the bottom right corner but you can just click here for the theme i am using

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I thought you were the real ansel elgort ://///// <//333

yeah well the world is not a wish granting factory deal with it dani

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Love your page💙 has ansel ever responded or liked any of ur posts?x

ansel never uses tumblr so no, he has posted some of my edits on instagram/twitter but im pretty sure he finds them in other fan pages and doesn’t take them directly from me. also, more than a year ago before carrie came out he replied to a dm and i told him about my blog and he said he’d check it out but never replied to one of my messages ever again and one time he retweeted/favorited/replied to a tweet (and followed me) but that had nothing to do with this page so yeah

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"You are special, Augustus.” [requested by anonymous]

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Ansel Elgort on the ‘Men, Women & Children’ B-roll (x)

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I wish I could say that Augustus Waters kept his sense of humor ‘til the end, that not for a single moment did his courage waiver, but that is not what happened.

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okay but i just love this account too much

its never too much 

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I've actually met him, and it was fantastic. Not even going to deny this lameness but I asked him to be my boyfriend for the following 5 seconds and he said yes :3

Oh my god wow don’t worry you weren’t lame that’s actually pretty clever I mean you can now call yourself Ansel’s ex and I wow thanks for sharing

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do you have a link to watch men women and children online?

the movie hasn’t come out yet so no

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Can I request 2 different gif sets from tfios? I was wondering if you could do the scene where gus calls Hazel from the gas station and she answers the phone and says I love you. Also more dialogue from when hazel and gus are having the picnic at the end of the movie?

I accidentally deleted TFIOS so I had to download it again and now I’m waiting for it to convert to mp4 but I’m not ignoring your request and I’ll make them as soon as i can. Also, I might post the one of hazel answering the phone on my personal blog since ansel’s face doesn’t really appear and it would feel weird for me to post here, I hope thats okay :) 

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